Yetunde Jude, Yelani All Natural Collection

Yetunde Jude, Yelani All Natural Collection

Yetunde Jude founded Yelani All Natural Collection to give African American women with natural hair a solution for taking care of kinky-curly hair textures. Through her own personal experience of searching for natural hair care products for herself and her children, Yetunde found that African American woman had been under-served in the area of naturally kinky-curly hair care. This inspired her to develop products that offered African American women with 100% all natural shampoos and hair proteins.

Yetunde started her business adventure about 20 years ago when she decided to develop a blog about black hair care. She later decided to publish a black hair care book and even created a prototype for a hair comb designed to help prevent damage being done to naturally kinky-curly hair. After several years of trying to find a solution for maintaining healthy black hair, Yetunde still felt that there was something missing until one day “it clicked,” she said. Yetunde states, “I needed to find a way for women with natural curls to maintain soft, healthy shiny hair.”

Yelani All Natural Collection has been successful due to word-of-mouth marketing that has promoted the business across the county. Yetunde’s friends and family are also huge supporters and customers of Yelani All Natural Collection.

The Edge has been a great platform for Yetunde and has helped her take the business to the next level. She discovered The Edge through a friend and instantly knew that the organization would significantly contribute to her entrepreneurial success. Shortly after becoming a client, Yetunde entered The Edge’s business plan competition, won and received the opportunity to work with a group of prestigious marketing professionals that helped her develop marketing strategies to promote her business.

Yetunde states, “They were a tremendous help in giving me ideas on how to spread the word about my business.”

Moving forward, Yetunde would like to grow her hair care product line to be an international brand where women across the world will be able to use her products in their haircare regimen.

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  • December 1, 2017

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