Rachel Davis, CEO | Executive Director

Rachel began her career at a Law Firm in NYC after receiving her bachelor of economics from Spelman College in the ’90s. She thought that law was her path until she realized it was not. Armed with a great network and education from Spelman College, she left NYC to pursue her MBA with a concentration in Finance from Clark Atlanta University. After graduation, she launched into a career in the financial services industry with Prudential. Rachel’s desire to help her clients accumulate, manage and preserve wealth was the catalyst for her move into Microenterprise.

In 1996, Rachel took on a role as the Project Management Consultant for the Dow Jones-Spelman Entrepreneurial Center where she was instrumental in helping to maintain the success of the program’s entrepreneurial training division and for developing course curriculum and management of sponsored programming. After a successful launch of the Spelman College entrepreneurial program, Rachel started
her 20 years and counting work in microenterprise development, which began as a Graduate/Training Services leader at Goodwill Industries’ – the Business Now Initiative.

Davis made her most significant and purpose-driven move when she accepted the leadership role of Vice President of Operations & Administration at the EDGE in 2001, an award-winning Microenterprise Development Organization. She has held leadership responsibility for the organization’s financial management and well-being, HR oversight, service delivery, program development, and reporting. She was also named Director of the SBA Women’s Business Center program at the EDGE in 2011. Since 2015, the organization continues to evolve and had been through several executive leadership changes. Davis, now the current CEO, has been the anchor, advocate and historical reference for preserving the legacy of the EDGE. Davis owns the vision for the future of the new EDGE – Empowering and Developing Entrepreneurs for Greater Success. Prolific at managing restricted funds and financial resources, Davis is determined to ensure the financial health and new positioning of the EDGE in the minds of communities across Georgia and the US. The EDGE is committed to the constituents “whole business-self”, Rachel calls this work Mindset, Skillset, and Level-set. We’re here to stay.