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The Edge | Rachel Davis, Executive Director

We are truly celebrating a rich history and an even brighter future!

Rachel Davis Executive Director, The Edge

The Edge is approaching an important milestone. 2018 is our 20 Year Anniversary! There is so much to celebrate. We have been supporting Georgia’s entrepreneurs as the largest, most impactful SBA Women’s Business Center. We are proud of our investment in women-owned businesses, and our vision for the #next20 years is to develop a Community of entrepreneurs, corporate partners, funders & volunteers to do even more. Will you join us?


Transitioning from the military into civilian life can be pretty tough. We know that, given the right resources and tools, these hard-working, problem-solving, and inventive men and women can make great entrepreneurs! The B.R.A.V.E. Program stands for Building Resilient Agile Veteran Entrepreneurs, and it equips, inspires, and educates aspiring veteran entrepreneurs with classes, workshops, and one-on-one consultations. Veterans can receive personal and business credit coaching, strategic planning help, and so much more.

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Business EDGEUP is a program of our Women’s Business Center. Each quarter, we offer a 1-day mini-conference with your choice of 5 workshops to choose from, roundtable discussions, one-on-one expert coaching with our human resource, accounting, and marketing partners as well as networking with other entrepreneurs.

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HIT Mastermind

Participants in the HIT Mastermind engage in transformational thought training during this 6-week program by focusing on a selected intention for the duration of the challenge. It includes guided, daily meditation, journaling, coaching, and movement. 

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PEARL Academy

The story of the pearl inspired the creation of the community-focused PEARL Academy to develop women entrepreneurs into Purposeful Engaged And Resilient Leaders. In partnership with the Georgia Chapter of the International Coaching Federation, The PEARL Academy provides a community-focused leadership development program for women entrepreneurs that is focused on four foundational pillars: Life, Health, Wealth, and Leadership. Participants in the PEARL process received specialized coaching, training, and collegial support as they explore and expand their personal and professional leadership abilities. It is supported by micro-businesses, community organizations, local businesses, and institutions supporting a common goal–a commitment to the success and empowerment of women-owned businesses.

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Women's Business Center

The Edge is the only Women’s Business Center in Cobb County–one of only two in the state of Georgia–funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. We specialize in meeting the needs of women entrepreneurs through the delivery of best-practices in micro-enterprise and small business training, financial education, entrepreneurial focused instruction and consultation, and essential entrepreneurial support services to aid micro-entrepreneurs with launching, sustaining, and growing a business.

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The Edge has served more than 3,400 people in the last 20 years. On of our #next20 Initiatives is to turbo-charge those results by developing a Community of entrepreneurs, corporate partners, funders, and volunteers.

TheEdge250 Initiative is seeking funding to support 250 existing and potential women business owners in 2018 by providing scholarships and subsidized business development services to launch, sustain or expand their companies.

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The Edge Collective

The Edge Collective is a community of entrepreneurs, corporate partners, funders, highly skilled staff, and volunteers. For 20 years, The Edge has offered a holistic approach to empowering and developing Georgia’s entrepreneurs. We focus on enhancing the personal strengths of each entrepreneur through training, consultation, a full array of support services, and our growing community. We work hard to encourage the growth and sustainability of each client’s business. We look forward to serving Georgia’s entrepreneurs for the #next20 years as they establish businesses throughout the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area and beyond.

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Virtual Ribbon Cutting

It is always exciting to announce the launch of a new business! We as a collective community are here to support our entrepreneurs by not only celebrating the launch of their businesses, but encouraging the support of our community. We host Shop Mobs and promote new business launches through email and social media.

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