Sweet Grass Weddings

Sweet Grass Weddings

Justin and Anna Holladay founded Sweet Grass Weddings to give a fresh option to Metro Atlanta couples looking for an alternative to today’s elaborate weddings or a cliché elopement. Helping to make wedding planning simple by creating the Pop-Up wedding. Their desire to create this business came from their drive for true success. Working decade after decade, with the hope of benefits after retirement was not something that they felt was for them. With their dreams established they took 1,000 dollars and created a website, business cards, and started an advertising strategy to promote Sweet Grass Weddings.

In addition, they use various social media platforms such as, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google AdWords to promote their business. They also gave a way a free wedding October, 2015 and used photos from this wedding for promotional purposes. Above all, word of mouth has granted them a plethora of marketing opportunities and helped to further their client referral rate. Their clients refer them because of their lighthearted effervescent personalities and extreme attention to detail, having these qualities makes for an exceptional wedding planner.

The Holladay’s also credit their success to the wonderful staff and programs that The Edge Connection provides. Anna states that, “There is 100% no way we would be in business without The Edge. Not only did they provide a hand to hold as we navigated the new waters of writing a business plan, but we have been introduced to leaders in the Atlanta community that have been invaluable.” Moving forward the Holladay’s want to continue to promote their new wedding planning concept in the Atlanta and Southeast markets, one day hoping to franchise their business, allowing them to bring simple and elegant wedding planning to everyone.

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  • December 1, 2017

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