The Edge Collective

A Business Community

The Edge Collective is a community of entrepreneurs, corporate partners, funders, highly skilled staff, and volunteers.

For 20 years, The Edge has offered a holistic approach to empowering and developing Georgia’s entrepreneurs. We focus on enhancing the personal strengths of each entrepreneur through training, consultation, a full array of support services, and our growing community. We work hard to encourage the growth and sustainability of each client’s business. We look forward to serving Georgia’s entrepreneurs for the #next20 years as they establish businesses throughout the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area and beyond.

The Edge | Discovery Track

Discovery Track  | Years 1-4

Questions Answered: Are you ready? Do you want this? What do I need? How do I start?

  • Personality Assessment
  • Business Feasibility
  • Startup Consultations
  • Micro Lending
  • Personal Financial Assessment
  • Coaching & Mentoring
The Edge | Expansion Track

Expansion Track  | 5 Years Plus

Questions Answered: Where am I headed? What am I changing? What’s not working? What am I missing?

  • Strategy Consultations
  • Scaling Feasibility
  • Resource Management
  • Tactical Plan Development
  • Brand Audit
  • Standardization
  • Access to Capital Resources
  • Coaching & Mentoring
The Edge | Transformation Track

Transformation Track  | Well Established

Questions Answered: What’s next?

  • Expansion/Enterprise Development
  • Job Growth
  • Venture Funding
  • Replication of Model/System
  • Exit Strategy
  • Succession Planning
  • CEO Coaching