Popup Bubble Tea and Coffee Bar

Popup Bubble Tea and Coffee Bar

Karen Earp and her family wanted to start a business that they would all love.  She wanted to build her retirement plan while she still had a job and stability.  Their mutual love of bubble tea led the family to months of delicious research, thorough planning, and deliberate hard work.   With the help of The Edge Connection Pop! Bubble Tea and Coffee Bar opened in February of 2017 with 18-part time employees, mostly teenagers. Business is great, with customers lined up out the door. Karen says, “Without the help of all the woman at The Edge Connection I would have never been able to realize my dream. Jaime, and Cesily were extremely supportive helpful and knowledgeable about all the steps I needed to take. They continue to check in on me, come by for bubble tea and continually keep me involved in The Edge. I could not have done this without them!” Karen loves to see the look on a customer’s face when they taste bubble tea for the first time. She often hears, “There’s a party in my mouth! I love this!” Pop! Bubble Tea and Coffee Bar will be featured on Atlanta Plugged In (CBS 46) news on June 19th. Karen tells us one of the producers is hooked on bubble tea! Be sure to watch!

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  • December 1, 2017

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