Minnie Sweetie Paws

Minnie Sweetie Paws

Jasmine started her own pet pastry and pupcake business from her love of dogs and baking.

She states, “What better way to start a business than to combine the two things you love into one.” Her business, Minnie’s Sweetie Paws is a home based dog bakery that provides soft, preservative free and natural alternatives to your everyday dog treat.  All treats are made fresh and do not contain any raw ingredients, unnatural sweeteners or chocolates. Some treats do include natural honey. Minnie Sweetie Paws, LLC takes in consideration the sensitive tummies of each dog and therefore personalized modifications can be made to each treat.

Jasmine started the business off by selling cupcakes and cake pops for dogs off of a push cart at local events in the Atlanta area. Jasmine’s decision to start her business using a push cart was a strategic one. She wanted to stand out among her competitors and present her treats in a different way than other dog pastry businesses. This allows her to travel to different locations and events so she can bring her products direct to the consumer. Jasmine stated that the push cart offers a unique convenience for her customers. She also wanted her treats to be distinctively different from other dog treats so she developed a soft pastry texture instead of creating hard crunchy pastries like her competitors. These two aspects make Minnie Sweetie Paws, LLC standout from other businesses in her field.

Jasmine found her way to The Edge Connection through a search on the internet to find assistance for her business. She stated that she needed more guidance and assistance with properly developing her business. Since becoming a client with The Edge Connection Jasmine has been actively working on her business to move it to the next level. Jasmine states, “I’ve been busy at work since my collaboration with The Edge Connection, who has been a significant help in the organization process of Minnie’s Sweetie Paws.” Jasmine would eventually like to take her business to the next level by opening up a store front and expanding her line of pet treats.

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  • December 1, 2017

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