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The Edge | Rachel Davis, Executive Director

We all have, at some point, run into ‘the’ wall that lets us know it is time to change direction. Over two decades ago, I changed direction and found my purpose helping others define their path to business. The Edge is changing direction, and we’re planning our #next20 years!

Rachel Davis Executive Director, The Edge

I have been in the microenterpise industry for 22 years, at The Edge for 18, and its Executive Director for 2. Hands-down the most important lesson has been how vital it is for entrepreneurs to have support, each other, and the confidence that they are not alone. In business, there are no guarantees for success–no magic formulas, but I can definitely say that the chances of success are increased when a Community comes together and brings their resources to the table. Thank you for shopping our Giving Catalog. Please consider a monthly tax-deductible gift–for whatever #next20 initiative you choose. Thank you for investing in our clients and in the economic future of The Edge and the state of Georgia.

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